Brand Story

Brand Story

Born in 1908 in Stoke, Stanley Clover’s early career as a shop assistant selling men’s clothing laid the foundation for his future as a talented and fashionable designer. However, it was his time serving in the Royal Air Force that truly ignited his passions.

Joining the RAF in 1933 as a leading aircraftman mechanic, Clover began pilot training in 1939 and qualified the following year. He served with Number 67 Squadron as a sergeant pilot during the Second World War, earning a Distinguished Flying Medal for his contributions.

During his free time, Clover pursued his other passion – designing men’s clothing. He also collected damaged fighter plane instruments, including the airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, heading indicator, and vertical speed indicator.

After the war, Clover continued to serve in the air force while working as a freelance designer for local company Smyth & Co. He eventually became a full-time designer at the company.

In 1959, Clover decided to pursue his dream of combining his love of flying and fashion. He founded Pilot Instruments Collection, a lifestyle and fashion brand that celebrates the legacy of brave fighter pilots while offering stylish and functional products.

At Pilot Instruments Collection, we continue Stanley Clover’s legacy of designing high-quality, fashionable products that pay homage to the heroic men and women of the Royal Air Force. From leather jackets to aviator sunglasses, our collection captures the spirit of a bygone era while remaining relevant and timeless. We are committed to preserving the legacy of Stanley Clover and the brave fighter pilots who risked everything to defend their country and way of life

a lifestyle brand while maintaining the original identity of military spirit coupled with modern designs. The fashion and designs have formed a winning binomial of robustness and class.


Original Identity

Base on the military spirit with a revised and modernized design that always distinguished designs for Pilots. The generous measures of the cases and leather straps made in Italy have formed a winning binomial of robustness and class.


Brand Direction

Pilot Instruments collection is identifiable, but not flashy, making it suitable for both casual and professional settings. Its sleek design and neutral colour palette make it versatile and timeless, allowing it to seamlessly blend into any outfit or occasion.

Made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, it is built to last. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of daily wear, whether you’re wearing it during your morning workout or on a business trip across the globe.


Brand Characteristic

A little bit boastful, a little bit daring, a little bit crazy: that’s what we pilots are like… That’s why we always want the best life has to offer; sometimes we even want the impossible.
But because it’s our style, we have to have or even own the fastest and most sporty cars, the most sophisticated and first-rate airplanes, or maybe the most stylish, state-of-the-art speedboats – and, of course, we have to have the most beautiful and fascinating women